The Centre for Research Innovation and Future Development (The Centre) was opened in 2009 by St Paul’s School to be a place that embraces the imagination, creativity and innovation, by promoting and supporting the professional growth of teachers in order to enhance the quality of learning experiences for students.

Biggest Impact on Learning

“The quality of schools will never exceed the quality of their staff” (Caldwell, 2009).

The evidence is clear from a number of research findings, including the McKinsey & Company Report, that nothing is as fundamental to the quality of learning opportunities that students receive in school as the quality of their teachers. Nothing else has more of an impact on student performance than the teacher, including class size.

Seeking to Improve

Teaching is a profession and a vocation. As with all professions, teachers should be continually seeking to improve their practice in order to gain the best from the students in their care.

Professional learning has been described as a lifelong process whereby individuals strive to deepen their knowledge base, hone their skills, sharpen their judgements, stay current with new developments in their fields and experiment with innovations that promise improvements in practice.

The Centre for Research Innovation and Future Development provides comprehensive, high quality, targeted professional development opportunities for teachers based on the coaching model.

With access to quality professional learning, teachers can be sure of maintaining the professional standards and meet the mandatory 20 hours of professional development required by the Queensland College of Teachers to retain their registration.

“The knowledge base on which a teaching career is based has deepened and call for teachers to engage with it on an ongoing basis as lifelong learners.” (Coolahan 2002)

The Centre

The Centre provides:

  • a place for thinking, reflection and research into best practice and innovations in educational programs;
  • a place of professional development for teachers to constantly improve the quality of teaching and learning;
  • seeks to raise additional funds to support new innovations, projects, buildings and programs that the school decides to implement for the benefit of its students.