In the Junior School, the P-6 Arts and Technology Curriculum is being rolled out in a very unique and powerful way. While it has to be fully implemented by 2016, as is tradition, we have embarked on a journey to unpack and embed it sooner.

A large number of staff ranging from Junior School class teachers to Senior School Learning Managers, Pastoral Heads to Senior Leaders and also families and community members have united and committed their passions and expertise to creating engaging, cross-disciplinary opportunities for students.

The co-created immersion emphasises learner agency where students can follow passions and interests and take responsibility for their learning. This will see the explicit teaching of the seven new Arts and Technology subjects but also the development of learning avenues using them to open up other curriculum areas, thus connecting learning in a meaningful, real-world and applied manner.

We will see industry leader’s work with us, community expo events to celebrate and showcase learning, the use of frontier technologies and development of rigorous, engaging, authentic project-based learning.  Huge credit must go to Tim Osborne (Head of Design Learning), Gabrielle Kempton (Head of Creativity Learning), Marianne Connolly (Director of Junior School) and Cheryl Wegener (Head of Studies Junior School) for driving this innovative and rich approach to the Arts and Technology.