An exciting venture launched in 2013 was the Big History Project. Big History is the brainchild of David Christian (Macquarie University), funded by the Gates Foundation and championed by Bill Gates. Only a handful of schools across Australia have been invited to be part of this ground-breaking programme, and we have asked become the flagship school for Queensland.

Charting the complete history of everything from the Big Bang to the current day, Big History identifies the 8 ‘Threshold Events’ with unique goldilocks conditions and increasing complexity, which have led us to where we are today, an informed people with vast collective knowledge and wisdom.

Big History is the coming together of the traditional disciplines of History, Geography and Science, melding them together to connect all we understand into an applied and relevant package which is aligned perfectly with ACARA demands. It is a highly innovative course with scope for authentic expeditionary learning and highly engaging and creative teaching.

Pooling together the most comprehensive data and information known to us, students have embarked on a voyage of discovery with cutting edge technologies, frontier pedagogies and a committed team of teachers facilitating deep, rich learning experiences. Particular highlights included our ‘Stars Come Out’ evening which included star gazing with the largest mobile telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, an indoor planetarium and guest talks.