The Problem with Schools


Across the developed world, a consensus is emerging. Schools may have delivered in the past, but they’re certainly not working for today—they were established in a different age and for a different set of purposes.

Schools are not giving students the best chance to compete and be successful in todays’ global economy, or helping them live their adult lives as responsible and productive global citizens. We are not educating for a digital age or a global society.

Our education system is also inequitable. The evidence shows we are not giving all our young people an equal chance of achieving at school and when they leave.

Our teachers are our greatest asset. What they know, do and care about affects the opportunities for all young Australians. Teachers work tirelessly to make a significant impact on their students, but many feel disillusioned and inhibited by the way schools and teacher are currently organised.

The consensus is that schools need to change in order to offer an education that is worth having.

Learning Frontiers is the collaboration between AITSL and the Innovation Unit in the UK (David Price OBE, David Jackson and Valerie Hannon). St Paul’s School has become a lab site.