In Design Technology, a wonderful Third Teacher Project occurred in 2013 which saw all 4 of the planning for engagement principles lived out. The vision was to create a ‘learning space’ which could act as a third teacher by encoding the principles of Design Thinking in visual and aesthetic form. In addition, it had to be a provocative interface which challenged the conventional notion of what a learning space should look like, be and be used for.

In the spirit of pushing learner-agency and ownership, the DT Team drew together a project team which saw students and teachers in partnership co-constructing the design and allowing student voice to witness action as the commitment. This eventuated in two Year 12 students being earmarked for the transformation, harnessing their skills, passions and talent of graffiti art.

Over the course of several days, these two highly engaged students, drafted, experimented and installed their work as a contribution to the Design Technology Centre and the community. Their resilience, resourcefulness and selflessness are to be commended and really illustrates the commitment we make to revolutionising learning spaces and working to realise the passions and talents of students in planning, decision-making and transformation.