The evidence is clear from a number of research findings, including the McKinsey & Company Report: nothing is as fundamental to the quality of learning opportunities that students receive in school as the quality of their teachers. Nothing else has more of an impact on student performance than the teacher, including class size.

Professional learning has been described as a life-long process whereby individuals strive to deepen their knowledge base, hone their skills, sharpen their judgements, stay current with new developments in their fields and experiment with innovations that promise improvements in practice. Effective professional learning opportunities are varied, rich and sustainable.

The Centre provides comprehensive, high quality, targeted professional learning opportunities. The Centre’s goal is to create a learning community for all, supporting each teacher to attain exemplary practice for the benefit of the students in their care.

Professional Learning for staff at St Paul’s School is underpinned by a rigorous feedback tool (Appraisal), which forms the foundation of a person’s Professional Learning Plan (PLP).