St Paul’s School is committed to a clear vision of becoming leaders in educational thinking and practice. Appraisal is a means of supporting teachers to become exemplary and actualise the school’s vision.

The purpose of appraisal is to promote and extend the professional growth of all staff members of the school. Michael Fullan made an interesting comment when he said:

We cannot achieve quality learning for all, or nearly all students, until quality continuous development is attained for all, or nearly all teachers.

The Appraisal process at St Paul’s School was created using the National Professional Standards for Teachers in conjunction with the St Paul’s School Statement of Teaching and Learning. The process includes the gathering of data from five sources:

  • Professional self-reflection;
  • A Colleague questionnaire;
  • Student feedback;
  • Classroom observations;
  • Planning documentation.

This proactive approach promotes a dynamic professional learning community for all. The appraisal process identifies potential professional learning opportunities for staff through the development of a Professional Learning Plan (PLP). Professional Learning aims to improve pedagogy that engages students in deep, rich learning.