What is “next practice” and what is truly innovation in learning?

The word innovation suggests something new, to make changes in anything established, an idea that has never been tried.

As teachers we are lifelong learners, modelling a love of learning to the students entrusted in our care. Generational change has brought a new way wave of learners more connected than ever before – how do we meet the needs of those learners? What will the 21st century classroom look like? We should constantly be seeking to address the rapidly changing needs of a school and its students by learning more ourselves

The Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development provides staff with opportunities to engage in and lead their own research projects. These opportunities will benefit not only the staff members in their career progression and the students of St Paul’s School, but also have the potential to have a broader impact on education in Australia.

Research grants are offered to staff with the goal to put St Paul’s in a position where it is leading in educational thinking and practice. Many of these grants are sponsored. Grants usually amount to $5000 and can be used for:

  • attending conferences
  • release from classes
  • travel nationally or internationally
  • attending courses
  • purchasing specialist equipment/resources

The Centre has a number of research partners including AITSL, QUT, UQ and Griffith University.