Emotional learning in scientific literacy

Through the Centre’s link with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) a longitudinal research project titled, “Emotional learning in socio-scientific issues for enhancement of scientific literacy” is currently being carried out. The project is being undertaken by QUT’s Dr Alberto Bellocchi.

There are two kinds of scientific literacy that can be described: Fundamental and Derived (Norris & Phillips, 2003). Fundamental scientific literacy refers to the ability to competently read and write science content. A derived sense of scientific literacy refers to being knowledgeable, learned and educated in science.

Two classes at St Paul’s School have participated in the research component of the study. To gather data lessons have been observed and students have been completing Emotion Diaries. The diaries require students to select emotion labels from a list of nine options to report on their learning experience (happiness, excitement, enjoyment, pride, anxiety, frustration, disgust, disappointment, and annoyed).

Findings from the project are due to be reported late 2014.