A project in partnership with AITSL

This research project has been supported by AITSL. Working with Professor Alma Harris and Dr Michelle Jones St Paul’s School was looking at replacing the traditional, transactional meeting schedule with a framework that would allow for a shift in culture to meet both the academic and pastoral goals of the school’s strategic plan.

Through AITSL Disciplined Collaboration in Professional Learning Project professional learning circles with approximately 10-12 teachers per group were created. These collaborative groups meet once a month and comprise of colleagues that span the K-12 continuum, all learning areas and also the spectrum of leadership, from new-in-service teachers to experienced leaders.

The project was/is a deliberate effort to encourage K-12 thinking and share ideas and practices and engage in student-centred dialogue. Thus far, professional learning circles have unpacked complexity learning, designing and reviewing assessment rubrics, exploring and supporting collaborative cultural change and grappling with Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Teamwork in order to frame collaboration.