Associate Staff – Taming the Volcano: Understanding Student Anger


Term 3

Student Free Day 16 July 9.00am Р10.00am


Lecture Theatre


Karen Semple (School Counsellor)


Any Associate Staff who have interactions with students.


The Program


This PD opportunity would appeal to colleagues who have day-to-day interactions with students in any number of capacities, e.g. Co-Tutor, work in reception parts of the school, service areas such as school canteen or coffee shop, coaching roles, etc. where there could be the potential to encounter volatile behavior presenting as anger. Karen will explain the science and psychology of anger, offer advice and practical tips about how to respond to and support students in these emotional and challenging circumstances and think through how to follow-up after the event.


This session will also explore how you can ensure that appropriate supports are in place following events that are consistent with school policies of reporting and documenting incidents as well as acknowledging the Character Framework which aims to generate more positive and responsible conduct in school.



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