Exploring Spirituality and the Christian Gospel in a St Paul’s Context



Comprises of 6 sessions:

Thursday 3.30pm-4.00pm (After School) May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 7



The Centre – Professional Learning Rooms


Rev. Mark Leam


Trail Program

All St Paul’s School Staff are welcome to participate.




4.1 & 6.4

The Course

Although there is ongoing debate, studies demonstrating the health benefits of religion and spirituality are many, and growing in number. Spirituality is increasingly understood as having a positive impact on our health and well‑being. Therefore it is not only appropriate for us as an Anglican School to encourage reflection on spirituality and the faith upon which our School is founded but relevant within the bounds of encouraging all staff to explore spirituality as a potential benefit to wellbeing and self-care. .



The Program

The program is comprised of 6 sessions of 30 minutes duration and incorporates four elements throughout the sessions. It is intended to provide a safe, respectful, non-judgmental experience.

The four elements are:

  • Teaching – Material is provided within the booklet relevant to the session. It is not intended to be a complete exploration of the topics.
  • Sharing – There will be times for sharing participants’ ideas, opinions and questions.
  • Fellowship – The sessions will contain time for informal chat with refreshments made available.
  • Reflection – Individual and group reflection is built into the program and further reflection is encouraged.


Staff will have completed readings and reflections in a resource document prior to attending the session (approx 30mins). The written reflections and question responses from participants will form the basis for group discussion.

Session One: Reflecting on Spirituality

  • What is spirituality?
  • What is my spirituality?
  • Spiritual reflections.


Session Two: What is a Christian?

  • Christian Spotting 101
  • Christian spirituality


Session Three: Foundations of Anglicanism

  • Anglican spiritual expression.
  • Where does my spirituality fit?


Session Four: The Bible in a nutshell

  • Hebrew scriptures
  • New Testament
  • St Paul’s Writings


Session Five: Jesus spirituality & The Gospel message


Session Six: Where to from here?

  • Spirituality and wellbeing
  • A spiritual discipline
  • Spiritual direction.

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