Introduction to Creativity


Dates pending.

This is an introductory one-off session that will be conducted during a double period



The Centre – Professional Learning Rooms


Gabrielle Kempton – Head of Learning Creativity


This course is for teachers who are wishing to gain a preliminary understanding of Creativity Learning, and who have not undertaken any previous courses in this Realm.  It is anticipated some participants will be new to the School.



1.2 and 6.2

The Course

This session is designed as a ‘taster’ to Creativity. Participants will be provided with a background context for creativity in education and its significance to living, learning and working in the 21st century. Creativity is linked to learning and knowledge development across every subject or discipline of thinking.  Understanding the role we can play in fostering the transferrable dispositions and mindsets of creative thinking has relevance to students overall engagement in learning, and our own professional growth and development.