Introduction to Differentiated Instruction at SPS



2 Groups

Group 1 –

Friday 19 May P 1 & 2

Friday 26 May P 3 & 4

Group 2 –

Friday 19 May P 3 & 4

Friday 26 May P 1 & 2

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The Centre – Professional Learning Rooms


Allison Edwards, Vathsala Devasirie-Rajapakse and Nicole Bunt


Recommended for teachers of students in grades 7-12, particularly those who are new to the school, new in a subject or year level, or who need support with differentiated unit planning and/or lesson design.




1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.2, 3.2, 3.6, 4.1

The Course

St Paul’s School articulates a holistic education where we endeavor to create systems tailored to the needs, interests and aptitudes of every single student. A key feature of this is the expectation that teachers will differentiate their curriculum in order to provide opportunities for all students to realise their full potential.


The Program

Session One: What is Differentiation?

  • Overview of Differentiation – change, challenge and choice related to the content, process and product.
  • Individual Learning Characteristics of students – interests, learning profiles, student readiness.

Session Two: Planning Differentiated Instruction.

  • Key Elements of Differentiation – examining various theories and strategies.
  • Developing differentiated units by effective variation of the complexity, core and consolidation components of units.